Fillyjonk is a collaborative pair of designers, one trained in architecture and the other in metal carving, creating a unique world of imagination.
Our themed jewellery is inspired by architecture and landscapes delivering a profound sense of time and space that whispers to your mind.
Casting about in your imagination...
Coming up with a small discovery... Recalling scenes of the past... Dedicating your respect to nature...
Together with our jewellery, you compose your own notes at will...

Fillyjonk garden

- flower -

Everything existing in nature is not straight or repetitive, but unique and peerless. All of the contours are drawn with their own curves, just as every petal is unique. Of the flowers, each petal is shaped differently by chains of countless contours.
This series was inspired by the beauty created by this harmony.
Every flower’s curve is also surrounded by these uniquely-lined petals, which mould its blooms.
All of the motifs in this line are based on officially named flowers. Together with your hand, each flower revives its pathos...


- architectural -

We define architectural inspirations as a mirror to our jewellery, reflecting aspirations, nostalgia or hopes such as:
   sweet houses
   palaces in wonderlands
   places full of memories
   futuristic buildings that surprise us
We hope this architecture-inspired series will deliver those high places for the mind-dance that whisks you away, even if you are just a spectator.
All of the pieces in this line are hand-made, except the basic forms. Each crossover brings you a new story spun with our jewellery...

- furniture -

In furniture, the vibe created by the people living with it remains inside.
Even if no one is there, these fragments give us some insight and outline its life-map, leading us towards further imaginary phases even in an emotional way.
Just by following the flow that furniture shows, you will feel its vivid presence in the depths of your mind, whispered by the scents of its scenes and situations.
We hope you can adore even the tiniest fragment fallen from these vibrations...



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